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  • Alone – To the Pure, All things are Pure

    to the pure, all things are pure Alone - Released 2016 If you didn't already know, I play drums in a band called Alone, with two of my best friends Cole Dunn and Rob Gregory. Cole plays guitar / sings and I've known him for over 10 years, and we've been in several bands together already.…
  • All Around The Dinner Table – If I Would

    In late 2015 I had the pleasure of recording my good friend, Brandon Miles, who goes by All Around The Dinner Table. His full-length album was released on Bad Apple Records, which is a local record label in Bowling Green, KY run by the man himself. The project was a unique experience because Brandon played…
  • Buffalo Rodeo

    Buffalo Rodeo – No End In Sound

    Check out a newish track I did with Buffalo Rodeo in 2014. Titled “No End In Sound, this was released as single.

  • Bishop of Battle – It’s Christmas Time!

    I just wrapped up this sweet Christmas track with producer Bishop of Battle and vocalist Jordan Reynolds. It’s featured on the It’s Christmas Time Again compilation by Retro Promenade with many other amazing artists. Enjoy!

  • SOKY Sessions – SUN CLUB

    In 2013, a group of friends and I decided to create a local music web series called “SOKY Sessions“. We connected with local artists and touring acts passing through Bowling Green, KY. The goal was to work directly with the artists we loved and listened to, while also helping them gain more exposure. The SOKY…

  • KY Population Map Animation

    Jake Boswell did a special report called “The Tale of Two Cities” which takes a deeper look at the population growth of Bowling Green and Owensboro over the last two decades. The video above is an info graphic animation I made that compares population.

  • Buffalo Rodeo – Maps (Teaser)

    This Buffalo Rodeo song was tracked for the College Radio Day Compilation album. Not only does it include this previously unreleased song, it features tracks from Wilco, My Morning Jacket and The Front Bottoms, among many other great bands. Go pick up a limited edition copy HERE, and don’t forget to support Buffalo Rodeo on…

  • GyspyLifter – Magnet (Sample)

    I recently wrapped up GypsyLifter’s first full length album. These guys are doing big things in Madisonville, KY. Give them some love and support over atGypsyLifter.com or on Facebook.

  • Buffalo Rodeo – Treehouse

    This is the single from Buffalo Rodeo’s most recent EP titled “Treehouse”. It was recorded in April of 2013. If you have visited my website before you will know it was a little different. I decided to go with tumblr yesterday because I don’t want to maintain the old page anymore. Tumblr is free and…

  • Technology Vs. Horse – Ethel