RCW Cams – Part 1

In an attempt to build up my HTML, CSS, JS, and (mainly) PHP chops, I’ve started a small development project called RCW Cams. It’s my first attempt at putting all of my skills together to create a database driven web application.


Check it out HERE


The goal is to create a highly customizable interface for displaying IP Cameras. What I have so far is very basic… but I’ve been able to:

  • Establish a relational database to store users and their camera data.
  • Establish an authentication/authorization system for users.
  • Establish security by sanitizing inputs.
  • Use Jquery to allow users to create, edit, delete camera data on the front end.
  • Style the page with boilerplate Bootstrap.

I plan to continue building up this project as I build on my existing skills. It’s sort of a “Let’s see how far we can go with it..” type of project. If anyone has any comments, suggestions or questions, please feel to reach out using the contact form on my site. I’d love to discuss code and/or learn from anyone who is willing to teach or offer advice.

Note: I’d love for anyone to play around with my app, but this is strictly for educational/prototype purposes. Please do not use any sensitive data when signing up, such as frequently used passwords, etc… Learning security is also an aspect of this project. Thanks!

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